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Nodejs – Fullcalendar Working Example

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Hello to all, welcome to therichpost.com. In this post, I will tell you, Nodejs – Fullcalendar Working Example.

You can see in my blog, I have implemented FullCalendar in many JS-Frameworks and today, I am going to this in Nodejs.

Here is the working  Picture:


Nodejs - Fullcalendar Working Example


Here is the working and tested code, here you will follow:


1. Very First, you need to add below code into your node js file:

In this file, we import npm ‘FS’ package to read or write the external files:

var http = require('http');
var fs = require('fs');//Library for call files
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  fs.readFile('fullcalendar.html', function(err, data) {
    res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'});


2. Here is the fullcalendar.html file code you will call this file into your node js file:

This is html code for fullcalendar and In this I have also implemented sweet-alert and I am counting the total number of event in it.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset='utf-8' />
<link href='https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar/3.9.0/fullcalendar.min.css' rel='stylesheet' />
<link rel='stylesheet' href='https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/css/
<link href='https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar/3.9.0/fullcalendar.print.min.css' rel='stylesheet' media='print' />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.12.1/themes/base/jquery-ui.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.3.1/css/all.css" integrity="sha384-mzrmE5qonljUremFsqc01SB46JvROS7bZs3IO2EmfFsd15uHvIt+Y8vEf7N7fWAU" crossorigin="anonymous">

<script src='https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar/3.9.0/lib/moment.min.js'></script>
<script src='https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar/3.9.0/lib/jquery.min.js'></script>
<script src='https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar/3.9.0/fullcalendar.min.js'></script>
<script src='https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/js/bootstrap.min
<script src="https://unpkg.com/sweetalert/dist/sweetalert.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/ui/1.12.1/jquery-ui.js"></script>

  $(document).ready(function() {
      header: {
        left: 'prev,next today',
        center: 'title',
        right: 'month,basicWeek,basicDay'
      defaultDate: '2018-03-12',
      navLinks: true, // can click day/week names to navigate views
      editable: true,
      eventLimit: true, // allow "more" link when too many events

           events: [
          title: 'All Day Event',
          start: '2018-03-01',
          title: 'Long Event',
          start: '2018-03-07',
          end: '2018-03-10',
          id: 999,
          title: 'Repeating Event',
          start: '2018-03-09T16:00:00'
          id: 999,
          title: 'Repeating Event',
          start: '2018-03-16T16:00:00'
          title: 'Conference',
          start: '2018-03-11',
          end: '2018-03-13'
          title: 'Meeting',
          start: '2018-03-12T10:30:00',
          end: '2018-03-12T12:30:00'
          title: 'Lunch',
          start: '2018-03-12T12:00:00'
          title: 'Meeting',
          start: '2018-03-12T14:30:00'
          title: 'Happy Hour',
          start: '2018-03-12T17:30:00'

          title: 'Dinner',
          start: '2018-03-12T20:00:00'
          title: 'Birthday Party',
          start: '2018-03-13T07:00:00'
          title: 'Click for Google',
          url: 'http://google.com/',
          start: '2018-03-28'
      eventClick: function(calEvent, jsEvent, view, resourceObj) {
            title: calEvent.title,
            text: "Start From : "+moment(calEvent.start).format("MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm a"),
            icon: "success",

    $(".fc-right .fc-button-group").append(
          '<div class="input-group datetimepicker"><input type="text" class="form-control fc-datepicker" placeholder="YYYY-MM-DD" style="padding: 0;width: 0;border: none;margin: 0;"></div>');
          dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd',
          showOn: "button",
          buttonText: '<span class="input-group-addon"><i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i></span>'



  body {
    margin: 40px 10px;
    padding: 0;
    font-family: "Lucida Grande",Helvetica,Arial,Verdana,sans-serif;
    font-size: 14px;

  #calendar {
    max-width: 900px;
    margin: 0 auto;
  .hoverEffect {
    font-size: 29px;
    position: absolute;
    margin: 30px 55px;
    cursor: pointer;
  background: transparent;
    border: none;
    margin: 0!important;
    padding: 0!important;
.datetimepicker .input-group-addon {
    background-color: #f9f9f9;
    border-radius: 0;
    border-top-right-radius: 3px;
    border-bottom-right-radius: 3px;
    cursor: pointer;
    height: 2.1em;
    border: 1px solid #ccc;

  border-radius: 0px;

  <div id='calendar'></div>



3. After it, you need to run below command into your terminal to execute js file:

node YourFileName.js


4. After it, run below url into your browser:


If you have any query related to this post, then please do comment below or you can ask questions.

Thank you,

Happy Coding,

Jatt Da Muqabla,




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