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Chinese dor should be banned in ludhiana punjab

chinese dor

Hello to all, welcome to Today in this post, I came with very serious topic Chinese dor.

Now here is Lohri festival season and In india Lohri festival also called festival of kites. In my childhood me and my friend used to had flown kites with simple and manjha dor and that dor was not harmful to anybody but now chinese dor came in market and chinese dor is very harmful to all living beings and every year many living beings injure and died with chinese dor. So I personally request to all the shopkeepers of ludhiana that please stop sell chinese dor and save lives of many living beings.

How living beings die with chinese dor?

when chinese dor stick to any living beings then chinese dor does not break easily and it stretches itself. last year I also injured for it.

Here are the proof with some images which I have collected from google and please be brave to see this:

Images source is google:

chinese dor stuck in man neck during driving
chinese dor stuck around to flying bird

So I humbly request to all the shopkeepers of ludhiana that please stop sell chinese dor and also to ludhiana police that please take action to those shopkeepers who sells chinese dor.

Merry christmas and Happy new year and Happy lohri in advance.

Thank you

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