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What is actual blogging?

What is actual blogging?

Hello to all, welcome to In this post, I will tell you, What is actual blogging?

In this post, I will share my personal things about blogging. Blogging is very wide and we can do so much with it. I first started blogging on 2015 and that was WordPressajay . After it, I moved with my second personal blog but I stopped it because of some personal reasons.  After stopped ccode4u, I was feeling like, I am missing something in my life because blogging is very interesting, we can share many new things and our personal experience.  Finally now I came with my new blog Therichpost. In this blog, I share coding related posts because I love to code. 

Oh I missed something, after ccode4u, I started developerajay, this is also coding related blog.

Now come to What is actual Blogging? 

  : Blogging is not just to share things or code or any informative things. Nowadays blogging is money making             business. With blogging many peoples are earning millions dollar monthly. I am also wish for earning millions       dollars but this is very difficult because there are millions of blogs running these days and competition is                 very  high. Make blog hit, you have high quality content, good blog niche, good blog looks, responsive blog,      high seo quality(friendly urls,  top in google searching etc), good blog name and many more. 

I am programmer and daily I see to many blogs and many of them are hit and earning thousands of dollars in month and some of them earning thousand of dollars in a week or in a day(uhhhhh) and I also want this because everyone need success, money and fame. 

For Blogging:

  For Blogging, WordPress is the best option because it is easy to learn and easy to code and easy for blogging.       If you have any query related to wordpress then you can take my help in it. 

Blogging Truth:

   If you want to start blogging as a career than this is not easy because blogging take to much time and we need     lot of patience. It is not easy to take as blogging full time work blogging needs lot of time to give results and           some people stop or irritate from blogging because it does not give instant results. 

Do Blogging: 

    If you actual wants blogging, then do hard work and post daily and do efforts fully heartedly. If you are                      passionate for blogging then truly you will get success and this is true.

Thank you. like I always say, Please share your reviews on this post because I am doing blogging also and I want your valuable review on this post.

the authortherichpost
Hello to all. Welcome to Myself Ajay Malhotra and I am freelance full stack developer. I love coding. I know WordPress, Core php, Angularjs, Angular 14, Angular 15, Angular 16, Angular 17, Bootstrap 5, Nodejs, Laravel, Codeigniter, Shopify, Squarespace, jQuery, Google Map Api, Vuejs, Reactjs, Big commerce etc.

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