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Angular 8/9/10 Fullcalendar Add Custom Button

angular 10 fullcalendar add custom button

Hello to all, welcome to In this post, I will tell you, Angular 8/9/10 Fullcalendar Add Custom Button.

Angular 10 came and I am very happy for this.

angular 10 fullcalendar add custom button
Angular 10 fullcalendar add custom button

Here is the simple and easy code snippet and please follow carefully:

1. Very first, you need to add fullcalendar into your angular application and for this, please follow below tutorial link:

Implement FullCalendar into Angular 8/9/10

2. After follow the properly point number 1, open your app.component.ts file and add below code into it:

Check line number 4-16 and make the custom button in fullcalendar and I am making new post also that how to add new events in angular 8/9/10 fullcalendar.

export class AppComponent {
  calendarOptions: CalendarOptions = {
       customButtons: {
         myCustomButton: {
         text: 'Add Event',
         click: function() {
                alert("Custom Button");
     headerToolbar: {
      right: 'today prev,next',
      left: 'title',
    initialView: 'dayGridMonth',
    dateClick: this.handleDateClick.bind(this), // bind is important!
    events: [
      { title: 'event 1', date: '2020-06-27' },
      { title: 'event 2', date: '2020-06-30' }
  handleDateClick(arg) {
    alert('date click! ' + arg.dateStr)


This is it and if you have any kind of query then please do comment below.



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