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Reactjs ag-Grid Add New Row

Reactjs aggrid add new row

Hello to all, welcome to In this post, I will tell you, Reactjs ag-Grid Add New Row.

Reactjs ag-Grid

Post Working:

Friends in this post, I am implementing ag-Grid into my reactjs application and also I am also doing add new row functionality in it. For check the working, I am attaching video above.

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Here is the working code snippet and please use carefully:

1. Firstly, we have to run below commands into our terminal to get fresh reactjs setup on our system also we should have latest nodejs version installed on our system:

npx create-react-app therichpost

cd therichpost

npm start

2. Now we need to run below commands into our terminal to get ag-Grid and bootstrap modules into our reactjs application. I use bootstrap because of website good looks:

npm install --save ag-grid-community ag-grid-react

npm install bootstrap --save

3. Now we need to add below code into src/App.js file or we can relplace scr/App.js code with below code. This code will do all the functionality:

import React from 'react';
import './App.css';
import { AgGridReact } from 'ag-grid-react';
import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-grid.css';
import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-theme-alpine.css';

import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';

class App extends React.Component {
  //initialize array variable
  constructor(props) {

    //super is used to access the variables to parent classes

    //ag-Grid columns and rows defining
    this.state = {
      columnDefs: [{
        headerName: "Make", field: "make", sortable: true, filter: true
      }, {
        headerName: "Model", field: "model"
      }, {
        headerName: "Price", field: "price"
      rowData: [{
        make: "Toyota", model: "Celica", price: 35000
      }, {
        make: "Ford", model: "Mondeo", price: 32000
      }, {
        make: "Porsche", model: "Boxter", price: 72000

  //ag-Grid hook ready
  onGridReady = params => {
    this.gridApi = params.api;

  //ag-Grid add new row functions
  onAddRow = () => {
      add: [{ make: 'BMW', model: 'S2', price: '63000' }]
render() {

  //output for browser
  return (
    <div className="container">
      <h1 className="text-center mt-5 mb-5">Reactjs ag-Grid Add New Row</h1>
      <button className="btn btn-primary mb-3" onClick={this.onAddRow}>Add Row</button>
        height: '350px',
        width: '603px' }}

export default App;

This is friends and don’t forget to run npm start command again. If you have any kind of query then please do comment below.

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