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Once Upon a Time in Ludhiana Hospital

Once Upon a Time in Ludhiana Hospital

Hello to all, welcome to Today I am going to share my personal experience one of hospital in ludhiana.



And I came to know that, why the Indians peoples, who lives in Canada or some others countries don’t want to come and live in India again. The main reason are Rules, Respect of people’s, meaning of jobs, importance of peoples.

 I will not tell the name of that hospital. That hospital doctors, nurses even wardboy and sweepers talk with the patient very badly.



 I see, there is very bad life of poor people in india and they can not do anything.

About Hospital Main Doctor:

Today I went there and doctor came early around 9 am but wardboy allow all patients to meet the doctor around 9:40 am. This means patient does not mean anything. Doctors just come to hospitals for salary only.

Rich becomes richer but common people just do only wait for good time or nothing. I saw pain, tiredness, hope in the eyes of all people even also same for me

 Now, I am going to tell, which hurted me a lot.

one woman went to meet doctor and she little cough and doctor shouted on her very badly and also called her uneducated.

I think that, In India or In all countries, Peoples think about doctor that after god, doctor is the second name of lifesaver but I think not. I am not saying that all the doctors are same but this experience disappointed me a lot.

if god gives us some uniqueness or some talent then we should use to help others. I know, I can not do anything and this system will be running like this continuously.

There are lots more things to share but I think this is enough and I also want your views on this post.

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