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My first year blogging journey

My first year blogging journey

Hello to all, welcome to Today I am going to share  My first year blogging journey

First of all,I will just say, I just love it. In my first year of blogging career, I saw many ups and downs. In shortly, I will say, blogging is not just easy task. 

Blogging wants few advantages in blogger:


1. Very first, I will say blogging wants lot of patience in blogger.

2. Blogging wants hard work.

3. Blogging wants punctuality.

4. Blogging wants never give up mind.

5. Blogging wants passion and love .

6. Blogging wants learner mind.


Lets come to points, my first year blogging journey:


In one year experience blogging world, I have learnt so many new things and I also have done so many mistakes, which I will share below:

Learnt new things in blogging:

1. I have learnt how to write and present your thoughts in front of the world.

2. I have learnt so many new things in programming like node , Angular , React, Vue. That is why I said programming wants good learner.

3. I have learnt patience.

4. I met new peoples from different countries.

5. I arise my inner strength.


Done mistakes in blogging:

1.  I did so many writing and grammar mistakes in blogging career.


In my one year blogging career, I saw my blog users grew up 0 to 600 daily unique visitors and 0 to 850 page views daily. This means, I am running on write track.



In blogging starting months, I became sad, when I got 0 post views but I did not lose hope and wrote more and more posts.

I started blogging in 2015 but I stopped it but after sometime I again started blogging in Nov-2017 and now after one year, I am happy but I want more happiness and I want to become famous in blogging world, so I work hard.

If you are true to your work and you will hard work then we can achieve anything in the world.

I follow below quotes more encourage:

Hard work is the key to success.

Every master once a beginner.

Every expert was once a beginner.

Rome was not built in a day..

I know, there is very long way and this was just first half step.

Thank you all.

Ajay Malhotra






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