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How to use mouse button 4-5 (gamer) with python?

how to use mouse button 4-5 (gamer) with python?

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Today this blog post I will tell you, How to use mouse button 4-5 (gamer) with python?

Guy’s if you are new in Python then please check below link for more Python tutorials:

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Guy’s here is the working code snippet and please use it carefully:

1. Guys very first we need to import library pynput inside our python project.

2. Guys here is the code for button press:

import time
from pynput.mouse import Button, Controller

#press boton

3. Guys here is the code for button listening:

import time
from pynput import mouse

def on_click(x, y, button, pressed):
    if pressed == True and str(button)=="Button.x1":
        print("pressed x1")

listener = mouse.Listener(

while True:

This is it guy’s. Guy’s if you have any kind of query then please comment below. Guy’s I will come with more demos soon.

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