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How to remove the product types from Dokan Multi Vendor?

How to remove the product types from Dokan Multi Vendor?

Hello guys how are you? Welcome back to my blog. Today in this post I will tell you, How to remove the product types from Dokan Multi Vendor?

Working Demo

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1. Guys here the working code snippet and you can add this inside your theme’s header.php, footer.php file:

          $("#product_type option[value=external], #product_type option[value=variable]").remove();

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  • This worked quite well overall, but in my case I need to remove all product types except for the External/Affiliate. I changed it slightly to the following:

    $(“#product_type option[value=grouped], #product_type option[value=simple], #product_type option[value=variable]”).remove();

    This worked well to remove the other product types, except now the subsequent form to add the URL and button text does not show. Is there any way to make this show? One thing I noticed is that if I change the code to remove all types except External/Affiliate and Simple, it still allows a vendor to choose the External option and that URL and button form appears. The point behind what I’m trying to do is simplify the listing process so no mistakes can be made/wrong product type chosen, as we will only be using Externally linked products.

    Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

    Thank you

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