How to get last inserted id in laravel?

get last inserted id in laravel


Hello to all, welcome to In this post, I will tell you, How to get last inserted id in laravel? Laravel is one of the top php mvc framework.

After insert the data, sometime we need to get last insert id for next function or any other query.

This is the ‘insertGetId’ function to get last inserted id.

Here is the method to get last inserted id in laravel?

//I am using this is laravel controller
public function Adduser(Request $request){
$Adduser = [
'firstname' => $_POST['firstname'],
'email' => $_POST['email']
//insertGetId get last inserted id
$Adduserdata = DB::table('user')->insertGetId($Adduser);
// $Adduserdata has lastinsertedid 
if($Adduserdata) {
//other query

 There are so many code tricks in laravel and i will let you know all. Please do comment if you any query related to this post. Thank you.

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