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PDO select query with case statement

PDO select query with case statement

Hello to all, welcome to In this post, I am showing PDO select query with case statement. First time I am showing mysql pdo case statements.


Here is the working code for PDO select query with case statement:

$servername = “localhost”;
$username = “root”;
$password = “root”;

try {
$conn = new PDO(“mysql:host=$servername;dbname=user”, $username, $password);
// set the PDO error mode to exception
echo “Connected successfully”;
catch(PDOException $e)
echo “Connection failed: ” . $e->getMessage();
$upcoming_appointment = $conn->prepare(“SELECT user.*,
WHEN user.field = ‘jquery’ THEN ‘love’
ELSE ‘okay’
END AS ‘field_status’
FROM `user`”);
$upcomingappointments= $upcoming_appointment->fetchAll(\PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
echo ‘<div class=”container”><table class=”table table-dark”>
<th scope=”col”>#</th>
<th scope=”col”>Name</th>
<th scope=”col”>Field</th>
<th scope=”col”>Intrest</th>
foreach ($upcomingappointments as $BOOKING) {
echo “<tr>”;
echo “<td>”.$BOOKING->id.”</td>”;
echo “<td>”.$BOOKING->name.”</td>”;
echo “<td>”.$BOOKING->field.”</td>”;
echo “<td>”.$BOOKING->field_status.”</td>”;
echo “</tr>”;
echo ‘</tbody>

There are so many queries in pdo for mysql data and I will let you know all. Please do comment if you any query related to this post. Thank you.

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