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Which Features make Woocommerce as best Ecommerce platform?

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Hello to all, welcome to therichpost.com. In this post, I will tell you, Which Features make Woocommerce as best Ecommerce platform?

I have used Shopify, Bigcommerce and magento also but I like woocommerce is the most because of following features:
1. Woocommerce is the free and open source wordpress plugin.
2. Woocommerce is easy to editable as compared to shopify or bigcommerce.
3. Woocommerce is user friendly,  admin can easily add the products 
and various categories.
4. Woocommerce also added affiliated products.
5. Woocommerce supports many payment gateways like paypal, strip etc.
6. Woocommerce also supports country friendly,  we can also set 
shipping rates as country wise with woocommerce hooks.
7.  Woocommerce provides so many extensions and add on plugins which 
makes woocommerce more flexible.
8. Woocommerce also supports sale features, with this feature we can 
make sale offerses which attracts the users.
9. Woocommerce gives us in-build pages like cart page, shop page, checkout 
page and many more and we can easily customize those all the pages.
10. I am also woocommerce expert, if you have query related to woocommerce 
then you can ask questions or email me.
11. Please have a look on my woocommerce posts 

 woocommerce hooks


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