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15 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Use in Seasonal Sales

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Use in Seasonal Sales

This blog will let you explore the 15 best WooCommerce plugins designed to increase your seasonal sales strategy. Plugins play a major role in this by offering functionalities that go beyond the basic features of a standard WooCommerce store. 

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1- Smart Coupons for WooCommerce 

The WooCommerce Smart coupon plugin is a popular tool to enhance your marketing strategies by offering advanced discount rules and coupon conditions for your WooCommerce store. This plugin allows you to create a variety of offers and discounts, including buy one get one (BOGO) deals, exclusive coupons based on purchase history, and cart abandonment coupons to recoup lost sales. The plugin also allows you to generate coupons in bulk.

Moreover, it allows you to build loyalty programs using gift cards and store credits and supports various coupon styles and templates, which can be customized. It also offers features like URL coupons for convenient sales campaigns and countdown banners. With support for multiple languages, the plugin provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for effective coupon promotions in your online store.

2- Product Labels For Woocommerce (Sale Badges)

The WooCommerce Product Labels plugin simplifies the creation of custom product labels or badges for WooCommerce products. It offers an user-friendly interface for easily managing and creating badges. These labels serve to capture the attention of customers by highlighting specific promotions, sales, or other criteria assigned to each label. 

The plugin provides customization options such as badge color, font size, line height, width, opacity, and position, allowing you to tailor the appearance of the labels to match your preferences. It also provides features like live preview for positioning and styling, default badge styles, and the option to set badges for selected products or categories.

The plugin also offers the option to hide or show badges, set badges for products on sale or out of stock, and even apply an expiry date and time to badges. Overall, this plugin allows you to efficiently manage and display promotional information on your WooCommerce products with ease.

3- WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards

The WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin is one of the best plugins to increase seasonal sales by letting you sell unlimited gift cards easily. The plugins allow your customers to choose from a variety of beautiful templates and send personalized messages with gift cards. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or festival, the plugin allows you to offer fixed or custom gift card amounts and even lets customers schedule the time to send the gift card.

The plugin also allows you to sell physical gift cards that can be shipped to your customers. Moreover, it allows you to provide refunds as store credit. The plugin also provides advanced usage restrictions, with which you can control how the gift cards should be used. Plus, it allows you to manage user credits and even generate gift cards based on order status.

4- Woocommerce Sale Discount Scheduler

The Woocommerce Sale Discount Scheduler plugin allows you to manage discounts for all your WooCommerce products and to schedule discounts seasonally or on special occasions. The plugin allows you to easily set specific start and end dates and times for discounted pricing and automatically displays or hides the discounted prices on shop, category, and product pages. 

The plugin provides the added feature of showing countdown timers to create anticipation, both before the discount starts and during the discount period. The plugin also allows you to set an expiring discount date and time for each product, making the product unavailable for purchase at the discounted price after the specified date and time. 

It also provides the option to manually enable or disable scheduled sale discounts, along with the display of discounts on various pages. 

5- Display Discounts for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Display Discounts plugin is a marketing tool that highlights your online store’s discounts. It helps you to display coupon offers directly on your product pages so that your customers don’t miss out on any available deals. It also allows you to add coupon countdown timers to make customers aware of expiring discounts. 

The plugin also offers multiple templates and customization options, such as choosing templates and color palettes, to help you match the coupon display with your store’s branding. Moreover, you can control the visibility of coupons based on user sessions, ensuring that discounts are seen by the right audience.

6- Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is a free WooCommerce coupon plugin that allows you to offer different types of coupons on your WooCommerce store. The plugin offers features like BOGO deals, URL coupons, cart conditions, coupon role restrictions, and store credit. The plugin also introduced cart conditions, which allow you to control when coupons are used, preventing misuse.

This plugin provides additional features like store credit, coupon categorization, URL coupons for easy application through links, and the option to restrict coupons by user role. You can organize your coupons efficiently, grant store credit to customers, and apply complex rules with cart conditions. The plugin is also compatible with various plugins.

7- WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and Deals is a WordPress plugin designed to effectively showcase and promote affiliate coupons and deals on your WordPress site. The plugin’s lightweight design ensures fast loading times. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface with responsive and attractive shortcodes, which provides a live preview of coupons as you create them directly from the post editor. 

The plugin’s key features include the convenience of click-to-copy functionality, a voting system for individual coupons and social share buttons to enhance engagement. It also offers a widget that allows you to display coupons and deals in various widget areas. This plugin also offers an expiration system to display coupon validity and conditional loading of stylesheets and scripts for optimized performance. 

Overall, WP Coupons and Deals is a reliable WordPress coupon plugin for increasing sales and generating revenue on your site.

8- WooCommerce Coupon Generator

The WooCommerce Coupon Generator plugin is a popular tool for any coupon campaign. It allows you to bulk-generate unique coupon codes with custom configurations for various promotional activities. You can easily create and send these coupons to specific recipients through email and control who can use them. 

The plugin allows you to export these coupons to a CSV file, enabling easy migration to other WooCommerce stores. It also allows you to define specific user groups eligible for each coupon, such as users with selected email addresses, specific user roles, or those who have made purchases within specified dates.

This plugin simplifies the coupon management process by offering advanced configurations, including coupon expiry, eligible products, categories, custom prefixes, suffixes, and code lengths. Whether you want percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or fixed product discounts, the bulk coupon generator supports all coupon types available in WooCommerce. 

9- Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins that simplifies the process of creating various types of discounts for your products. Whether you want to offer percentage discounts, store-wide global discounts, quantity-based tiered pricing, or cart-based discounts, this plugin has got you covered. 

You can apply discounts based on the total order, the number of line items, or exclude specific products from the rules. The plugin also provides features like date-based validity and a discount table displayed on product pages. The pro version further provides advanced features and allows you to include discounts based on categories, attributes, customers, and user roles. 

The plugin aims to boost sales and customer retention by offering dynamic pricing and discounts visible in crucial areas like the cart and checkout.

10- Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin simplifies the customization of your WooCommerce site’s checkout page. It provides a user-friendly interface to customize your checkout page effortlessly. It allows you to add up to 20 different types of custom checkout fields, including billing, shipping, and additional sections. 

This plugin allows you to edit, delete, or hide default WooCommerce checkout fields, rearrange their order, and even apply custom CSS classes for a personalized look. Its key features include the option to enable or disable custom checkout fields with a simple checkbox option, repositioning fields through easy drag-and-drop actions, and the option to showcase or hide these fields in order details pages or emails. 

The plugin also offers the option to override address field properties and reset them to default fields with a single click. Moreover, it is translation-ready and allows you to provide a multilingual experience for your users.

11- WooCommerce Product Recommendations plugin

This Product Recommendations plugin for WooCommerce simplifies the process of suggesting products to your customers based on various conditions. The plugin allows you to configure what products to recommend using conditional filters, and you can choose where to display these recommendations—be it on the Shop, Category, Cart, Checkout, Order Received, or individual product pages. 

The plugin provides built-in templates for related products, bestsellers, top-rated, frequently bought together, new arrivals, and recently viewed products. Additionally, you can create custom recommendations with various filters supporting various product types and display them in either a grid or slider format with customizable options. 

The plugin also allows you to generate recommendations for different scenarios, including promotional campaigns. With advanced filters, you can recommend the right products to the right users, strategically displaying them to maximize engagement. 

12- Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp for WooCommerce is a popular email marketing plugin that allows you to run effective marketing campaigns. The plugin allows you to automate follow-up emails, suggest products, recover abandoned carts, and analyze campaign success.

The plugin also provides detailed insights through the Mailchimp Dashboard and helps you understand and categorize customers based on their buying history. It also supports Facebook and Instagram ads, Google remarketing, and pop-up forms and integrates WooCommerce discount codes in emails. 

The plugin provides a smooth flow between your WooCommerce store and Mailchimp, providing a complete solution for your online store’s marketing needs.

13- Getsitecontrol

Getsitecontrol is an Email Marketing plugin that simplifies the process of generating leads and turning them into loyal customers. It allows you to send email newsletters to promote products, announce special offers, drive website traffic, and boost sales. The plugin features a user-friendly editor and a modern email template gallery for creating professional emails.

Getsitecontrol allows you to create various engagement tools like popups, announcement bars, promo banners, coupon boxes, surveys, and contact forms. It also allows you to tag new subscribers based on their interests, send follow-ups, and keep them engaged through email marketing automation. 

Additionally, the plugin allows you to organize your email contacts in a structured database, build audience segments, and launch personalized email campaigns. The plugin also offers email marketing automation to convert subscribers into customers on autopilot. You can even create and send email broadcasts to inform contacts about company news and promote sales, products, and deals, either immediately or scheduled for a later date.

14- ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

The ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin simplifies the process of setting up dynamic pricing rules for your online store. This plugin allows you to create discount offers to specific products or entire categories according to the diverse needs of your store. It even allows you to create rules based on various parameters such as quantity, weight, price, total units, and the number of items.

The plugin provides you the option to set maximum discount amounts for each rule. It also offers the pricing table feature that displays all applicable offers on a product page. With options to set rule expiry dates and customize discounts based on user roles, the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin provides a comprehensive solution for implementing effective discount strategies on your WooCommerce store.

15- Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts – Easy WooCommerce Discounts plugin is one of the best tools to enhance sales in your WooCommerce store. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this plugin offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features. 

The plugin allows you to easily create bulk discounts, percentage category discounts, smart coupons, storewide offers, auto-apply coupons, product offers, and more according to your business needs.

The free version of this WooCommerce discount plugin provides essential features such as category discounts, bulk pricing with quantity tables, product-based discounts, scheduled product offers, and cart-based discounts. 

The plugin allows you to set rules based on various parameters like order total, product quantity, and dates. The plugin also allows you to exclude specific products from the rules. It even provides options for setting rule expiry dates, weight-based shipping, and free shipping conditions


From dynamic pricing and discounts to using product labels and smart coupons, the above-listed plugins provide the essential tools needed to make your online store stand out during seasonal peaks. Choose the right plugin and ensure that you make the most out of every seasonal opportunity.

Happy Selling!

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