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WordPress has been helping many to improve website’s aesthetic appeal by personalizing and tweaking every single site element, hosting a large community of theme developers.

It gives the user an opportunity to craft a unique page that matches with their vision by assuring many practical features.

There are 600 blogs created every minute and as a blogger you need to overshadows the competition and ensure that your product stands out. So, the first goal and earliest fear is not to lost in the crowd by offering some mediocre products or websites.

Others are also having the same right to present product and services as you have. And to make a difference, you need to harness the potential of the online world with the endless marketing and advertising opportunities.

WordPress has been proved to be a savior to even those people who are neither web designers nor programmers by trade as its incredibly simple to master and its free, providing thousands of plugins and themes to enhance design and usability.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles

This year, bundles are extremely popular and comes in packages that contains everything you need to get a site launches and promoted because WordPress theme designers are expanding themes to include a variety of extras to provide a comprehensive design package.

We all know that needless to say, building a website is a must-have process for any company and why not when you can save good money by buying a bundle at a discount. And do you have any extra skills or web design experience? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer, as these design bundles comes code-free, that means you don’t need to touch a single line of code working with these items.

Secondly, there will be free technical support and regular updates which is just a beginning for any project. In order to let one can quickly build the very website or websites, all of them are fully customizable. And all these bundles contain numerous website options, plugins, assets, fonts, themes, and other UI components.

Standards Compliant Coding

We all know that quality code is the core structure for a quality website and WordPress runs on some coding guidelines because a good theme takes into account proper PHP, HTML, CSS, privacy and security protocols. And as the HTML protocol, the basic building block of the world wide web, having been seen numerous revisions and complete rewrites, many of the modern websites are getting interactive elements incorporations because of these HTML5 and HTML4s.

In addition, it is not that difficult to understand this by a non-coder.

 For example, Jevelin (ABOVE) is a powerful HTML5 WordPress theme that allows anyone to create nearly any type of page you are after. And it comes with WooCommerce plugins, Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider, RTL support, SEO friendliness and more. Apart from Jevelin, there are other themes as well like Crane, H-code, Bridge, X-theme. Studio 9, Divi, Gillion, etc.

Retina-Display Ready

Retina display is very trending and in demand feature to keep in mind while revamping your website. As WordPress themes are also incorporating this aspect with more and more users buying devices with retina and HD displays, enhancing the quality of images and visuals matters more than ever.

Here I am talking about Retina-ready themes that have better quality when zoomed and will allow greater detail in the overall design scheme (or theme), overall giving a stunning and amazing look to a website on any device.

For example, Maxima (ABOVE) is a retina-ready, impressive and a well-designed WordPress theme with 15 overlay patterns and 6 footer layouts. Other retina-ready themes include Elvyre, Nimble, Uncode, Selfy, Avamys, Centi, Renovate, Brazil, Florida, Mexin, Reganto, etc.



Considering, when it comes to SEO optimization for themes, the theme you choose can have a huge impact.

Themes should include support of other SEO-specific features such as Dublin core and microformats, indexable content, Site Speed Optimization and search engine readability of website content.

WordPress has also been offering SEO feature Packs like All in One SEO Pack from the WordPress directory.

For Example, wordPress offering themes like Javelin, Gillion, Soledad, Divi, Magplus, Marketing Pro, Seo Wp, Goodlife, Massive Dynamic, etc.

Social Sharing Features

Social Sharing Features

WordPress has been facilitating social media reach of websites as well from displaying content from your social media feeds on your site to displaying links to your social media profiles to grow your following, hence allowing sharing content and promoting website across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (three popular social sites that emphasize visuals).

The most popular and best themes have these tools built in, without the addition of plugins. In order to help you get really creative with your website, some of these themes like SEO Lounge, Agmycoo, Venor, Boostup, Cloaking, Seocify, Timisoara, Marq, Nuovo, etc., include drag-and-drop page builder plugins too. They are all also highly customizable, with detailed

themes settings and options. Every theme includes at least one ready-made website demo that can be integrated into your site in a few clicks.

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